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Brilliant Baskile!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Ras Ricky at his album launch on Thursday. Photograph: Alexander Pierre©

Baskile is Ras Ricky's new studio album. Recorded on Mahé, Seychelles, it took just under two years to create and perfect. I guess that's why the tracks on it are substantial and solid; a testimony to his song writing, music production and independence.

The tracks on Baskile uniquely capture, I guess, the experiences of many kreol Seychellois people; but there is also a duality to his music, or (better put) a universality, which he identifies himself.

For me this is a mighty album! In critiquing colonialism and the conditions of the human heart in Lafyerte Zilwa, he is confronting an actuality whilst using the moutya, and its history, to help the audience visualise the island's cultural heritage and it's inequalities. Julia is also a credit on the track reminding us of the female voice in this interplay.

This album is conscious and spiritual, with references to social observations, karma, destiny and faith throughout. Mon Kreater and Partaz Lanmour are particularly good reggae tracks, as is the already popular Tro Sibir .

My favourite song on the album is Lemonn feat. Shannon, which a very good friend shared with me before I bought the whole album. I think this will be the stand out track and become an anthem for the times we are living in, particularly in light of Covid-19 and the impending elections at the end of the year.

Wonderful work Ras Ricky! Baskile is a banger!

You can purchase Baskile from Tropikal Soundz online store.

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